Tallahassee Museum Trip

Tallahassee Museum Trip

Date: May 24, 2022

Group Photo Tally Museum 5-24-2022

 Event Information:

Well, we had a really fun time at our Tally Museum Preschool Event! There were about 13 pre-schoolers at the event, and we had about 6 fursuiters. Not a bad ratio of kids to suiters! We also had four others show up for the event! Thanks to everyone who came and hung out!  The Museum invited us back any time! So we made a very good impression on them! They were quite pleased! I also took some videos, but it would take a lot to blur the children’s faces and I am not a video editor, so I didn’t add them.

After our suiters got out of suits, we walked around the museum and looked at the animals. We watched a tree fox climb and scale through the treetops, which was a fun sight to see. Sadly, the wolf was in their den and we didn’t get to see her, but one of the keepers showed me the den cam on her phone so I got to see them! She is one of the rare red wolves! She should be able to help her species next year by producing some pups! 

Afterward, we went and got some lunch, and then headed home. It was a pretty great afternoon, and I got my step goal in for the day, an extra win! All pictures from the event have been added to our gallery, though if you have some that I don’t have, feel free to Telegram them to me! All the children’s faces have been covered with Ninja Cat! We don’t add children to our website without face coverings!

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