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Group Photo at FreeCon 2020
Group Photo at FreeCon 2020

We have a Telegram group online as well as a Discord Group. You can download the Telegram App on the Android or iPhone Store, or it is available in Desktop or Web versions. 

Once you have created an account: Contact: @Brejar, @SteelClawFox, @MoonHShadow, or @StellaBat in order to join. 

We will ask you some basic questions like how did you find us, your age, etc. 

This is a 16+ group. However, the main group is PG-13. Please check our Code of Conduct page for a list of rules.

We have a more adult-oriented group that you can join also if you are so inclined that is 18+.

Please note: If you are under the age of 18, we will require your parent’s permission for you to participate in group chats and group events. 


Where are we?

We are in the Tallahassee, FL area. We accept everyone in the group over the age of 16 to our Telegram Chat with parent’s permission for minors.


Need some Help?


Need additional help? Please contact us on our Contact Form.



Telegram:  We have a Telegram Chat! Check our About Page for more information!

Email: Use our Contact Form!

Discord: We have a Discord! You can join this after joining us on Telegram and being approved to join the group!

About Us: Learn about the group here!


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