Cosmic Bowling Madness!

Cosmic Bowling Madness!

Date: Jan 22, 2022







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Well, we had a really fun time at our recent bowling event! We had about 13/14, people show up for the event and we were able to get the really nice booth bowling area in the back which was WAY more comfortable for my back, let me tell you! lol Thanks to everyone who came and hung out!

We had some new furs and their friends that I have never met before, and they joined SteelClaw and myself for dinner at Chow Time Grill and Buffet. Great food. I am planning on a return trip on a less busy night. There were so many people that several items I wanted to try were not there. lol



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We are located in the Tallahassee, FL area. We accept everyone in the group over the age of 16 to our Telegram Chat.


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